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Small Golan Silver - Narrow


The Golan Mosaic watch was created in honor of our friend and artist, Michal Golan. This Golan watch has a hand-painted dial in a distressed and oxidized, small, round, brass case. A unique sterling silver mosaic design is riveted to...

Small Europa Silver and Brass - Narrow


This Europa watch has a small, round case with a white-brushed dial. The narrow brass band is trimmed with silver and brass to create a unique design. Every watch is hand-sculpted and painted individually, so each has its own unique...

Small Bard Silver - Narrow


This Bard watch has a hand-painted dial with Roman numerals in a distressed and oxidized, small, round, brass case. The narrow brass band has a concrete texture engraved in sterling silver overlaid with Celtic and Greek designs. Every watch is...

Small Aleph A Silver - Narrow


A collection inspired by the short story 'THE ALEPH' by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges and intended as Judaica, it is liked by just anyone for its clean lines and Hebrew characters. The ALEPH A watch has a brushed, copper-tone...

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