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1. What kind of maintenance does my watch/bracelet require?

Besides changing the battery when necessary, Watchcraft requires no maintenance. The metals are not sealed, so each will evolve differently depending on the body chemistry and surrounding atmosphere of the wearer, creating a truly unique and personal piece. Watchcraft® timepieces suggest the reality of constant change and evolution.

2. What if my watch/bracelet needs repairing?

If you should require repair, whether inside our outside the warranty period you should contact us by phone or email and we will instruct you on how to proceed. You could also complete ourREPAIR ORDER FORM and follow the instructions. If it is more convenient to send the repair to us through the store your originally purchased it from, you can absolutely whichever method is most convenient for you.

3. Are the watches and bracelets adjustable?

Yes, each Watchcraft® timepiece and bracelet is easily DIY adjustable or by a jeweler or watchmaker.

4. What kind of packaging will my watch come in?

Your watch will come to you in a beautiful custom faux suede box that will also include a brochure featuring a short the artist bio, a description of the watch, and the warranty.

5. Are the watches water resistant?

Every Watchcraft® watch is water resistant. However, they are not designed to swim or shower with. They can be lightly splashed but not soaked or immersed at all.

6. What materials do you use?

Watchcraft® bands are made from NICKEL FREE solid jeweler’s brass, embellished with sterling silver, copper, and brass. Our cases are made from a single block of brass. The metals are distressed and oxidized to give the watches their “buried treasure” look. The different metals are not sealed, so each changes depending on the wearer and surrounding atmosphere.

7. What does a limited edition mean?

Each individual watch is signed and numbered by Milieris. Only 1000 timepieces are handcrafted of each style, making each watch a part of a limited edition collection. For many of the collections, Milieris hand paints each individual dial, giving each Watchcraft® a distinctly different appearance, hence a truly unique one-of-a-kind timepiece.

8. What kind of movement do the watches carry?

Watchcraft® timepieces bear brand new Citizen® quartz movements that remain accurate for many years.