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Bard Apple Watch Band in Silver - Wide


Introducing the WATCHCRAFT Bard, our bestselling sterling silver Apple watch band. We create your Bard by hand in the studio, hand-riveting stripes of sterling silver onto a concrete-textured silver overlay. The Celtic and Greek designs add texture and invite a...

Tristan Apple Watch Band In Sterling Silver - Wide


We're excited to share the Tristan Apple Watch band in sterling silver. The Tristan is one of Eduardo's Uruguayan creations, inspired by the streets of Montevideo where he grew up.  The watch dial details are embossed from a special composition made...

Bard Silver - Wide


The Bard watch has a hand-painted dial with Roman numerals in a distressed and oxidized, large, round, brass case. The wide brass band is overlaid with concrete-textured sterling silver and engraved with Celtic and Greek designs. Every watch is hand-sculpted...

Mate Amargo Apple Watch Band in Sterling Silver


Mate, a herbal drink made from the dried leaves of yerba mate, is the national drink of Uruguay. No matter where you go, you will see people strolling around with a thermos under one arm (for the hot water) and...

Luna Silver - Wide


The Luna Silver is a handcrafted sterling silver watch featuring a large, round case with a white-brushed dial. The wide band is trimmed with brushed sterling silver giving the watch a sleek and stylish appearance. Like all the pieces in...

Uffizi Apple Watch Band in Copper and Silver


The Uffizi is a unique Apple watch band, inspired by the angles on a soccer jersey (Uruguay Nomá!) or the shadows and reflections on a gallery floor. We create your Uffizi by hand in the studio, hand-riveting textured sterling silver...

Small Golan Silver - Narrow


The Golan Mosaic watch was created in honor of our friend and artist, Michal Golan. This Golan watch has a hand-painted dial in a distressed and oxidized, small, round, brass case. A unique sterling silver mosaic design is riveted to...