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Bombay Gates in Copper - Wide

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We’ve all heard of Dale Carnegie’s seminal book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. It’s full of good advice, but you can’t carry a book with you at all times. You can, however, wear a statement copper watch like the Bombay Gates of Time.

The Bombay Gates will have people stopping you in the street, asking about your watch. Attention and compliments are guaranteed. 

We create your Gates of Time by hand in the studio. The dial is hand-painted and enclosed in a tiny copper vault, decorated with vintage copper beads from India. The copper gates open with the push of a button to reveal the dial. Push down and the gates click closed. 

In this age of instant gratification, the Bombay Gates invite you to pause for a moment and appreciate the artistry of time. 

The simplicity of the wide band stands in contrast to the statement copper watch head. We layer the band with brushed and oxidized copper to give it a rich textured patina. The distressed metals give the watch the look of buried treasure, a gateway to another time.

We leave all the metals unsealed, so your watch will evolve and change as you wear it, reflecting your location, your personal body chemistry, perhaps even your career. Truly a one-of-a-kind piece!

Like all the watches in the WATCHCRAFT colletion, we handcraft and handpaint each watch individually, so each has its own unique variation.

This is a Limited Edition; each watch is numbered and signed by Eduardo Milieris.



The watch case measures 39mm in length and 30mm wide. The band is 21mm wide, fully adjustable, and is shipped with extra links.

All Watchcraft watches carry Japanese quartz movements by Citizen.


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