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Jaffa Bridge Minstrel with Silver - Large


The Jaffa Bridge MINSTREL in silver is a unique watch that takes inspiration from the old railroad bridges behind WATCHCRAFT”s first studio at the entrance of the tunnels under the river to Manhattan. Made of brass instead of iron, the...

Arche Copper - Forked


Introducing the large Arche Copper, one of the unique, artistic watches in the Full Moon collection. While all our watches are unisex, the larger watch head on the Arche Copper is perfect for people with larger wrists and a big...

Ponte Vecchio Apple Watch Band in Copper and Silver - Narrow


The Ponte Vecchio Apple watch band in copper and silver. Silver triangles embossed with Celtic designs are hand-riveted to both ends of the copper watch band which bears the patterns of handmade coconut paper pressed onto the metal. Like the...

Apple Watch Band in Dark Copper - Wide


Upgrade your Apple watch with a sleek new band in dark copper. We create your Apple band by hand in the studio, layering the solid brass band with copper that we heat under friction. The copper is then oxidized to...

Bombay Gates in Copper - Wide


  We’ve all heard of Dale Carnegie’s seminal book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. It’s full of good advice, but you can’t carry a book with you at all times. You can, however, wear a statement copper watch...



A coin from a street market in China forms the bezel of this watch, originally in my Heaven and Earth collection.

Bard Apple Watch Band - Narrow


Introducing the WATCHCRAFT Bard, our bestselling sterling silver Apple watch band. We create your Bard by hand in the studio, hand-riveting stripes of sterling silver onto a concrete-textured silver overlay. The Celtic and Greek designs add texture and invite a...

Golan Apple Watch Band In Three Tone - Narrow


Now you can upgrade your favorite smart watch with a unique, handcrafted WATCHCRAFT band. Inspired by our friend, the artist Michal Golan, the Golan apple watch band uses a mosaic technique to create a truly unique design. Like our watches,...

Luna Apple Watch Band in Silver - Wide


Now you can upgrade your favorite smart watch with a unique, handcrafted WATCHCRAFT band. Our Luna band is overlaid with brushed sterling silver for a sleek look that goes with anything. Just like our watches, we handcraft our Apple bands to...

Europa Silver and Brass - Narrow


This Europa watch has a large, round case with a white-brushed dial. The narrow brass band is trimmed with silver and brass to create a unique design. Every watch is hand-sculpted and painted individually, so each has its own unique...

Uffizi Apple Watch Band in Copper and Silver


The Uffizi is a unique Apple watch band, inspired by the angles on a soccer jersey (Uruguay Nomá!) or the shadows and reflections on a gallery floor. We create your Uffizi by hand in the studio, hand-riveting textured sterling silver...

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