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Minstrel De Las Flores with Copper - Small

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The MINSTREL de las Flores is a unique watch that takes inspiration from the old railroad bridges behind WATCHCRAFT”s first studio at the entrance of the tunnels under the river to Manhattan.

Made of brass instead of iron, the forked bands reflect the arches of the bridges, giving the bands a spare industrial feel. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, each band is individually distressed and oxidized, with stone, fire and acid, then trimmed with a  flower pattern .

The delicate flowers are picked from the copper remnants of other watch bands, a continuous process of upcycling and recycling that is part of our commitment to sustainability.

This watch has a small, hand-painted dial with Roman numerals in a distressed and oxidized, small, round, brass case. 

The metals are left unsealed, so your band and watch itself will change as you wear it. Your location and your body's own chemistry create a piece as distinctive as you are.

 WATCHCRAFT's unique watches are handcrafted to order. We sculpt sterling silver, copper and solid brass into striking pieces of wearable art.

Every watch is hand-sculpted and painted individually, so each has its own unique variation.

This is a Limited Edition; each watch is numbered and signed by Eduardo Milieris.

Customer Reviews

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Frances Kovac

I wear a watch everyday, and they are all by Watchcraft and Eduardo Millieris. My new favorite is this Minstrel forked watch. It's a perfect fit, and exquisite in its design. Beautiful watches, great customer service, if you wear a watch, wear this one!