"I was quite anxious about buying art, sight unseen, online. Spent over a week researching this artist and his work. Eduardo responded immediately to my inquiries, even added an edition I was interested in to the Etsy site so I could buy directly from him. I ordered his/hers styles of this watch and couldn't be happier. These watches are gorgeous, rich in design, substantial w/o being too heavy. They are to commemorate a very special event in our lives and, at the risk of being corny, brought tears to my eyes when I opened the boxes. I cannot recommend Eduardo Millieris and WatchCraft highly enough."

"This watch has totally met all my expectations. It is a conversation piece at every gathering. People ask me for the time I show them and they always say..."that's original".Thanks!"

"Thanks so much for designing such beautiful watches. I just bought my first copper Minstrel and it took a lot of discipline not to wear it to bed. I just love it!

"All that I can say is WOW! I love unconventional. I am just amazed by your work and wanted to tell you, you are an inspiration!"

"The more I wear it, the more unique it becomes with the copper and other metal showing through. I love it and look forward to adding to my collection!"

"I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful repair you did to my husband's watch. The customer service was outstanding. We really appreciate it."

"I love your watches. My husband gave me a Rolex years ago, but I prefer to wear yours. It is truly a piece of art on my wrist!"

"If there were a flood and I had to leave in a hurry, I'd grab the photos of my children and my Watchcraft. I love it as much as ever."

"It's not often I take the time to thank a vendor or manufacturer of a product I buy, but after having the EO2 for six months, every day and my wife, and RG1, I can't sing enough praises. This is truly a work of art and I love it."

"I have fallen in love with an Eduardo Milieris watch! I have never seen a more beautiful and stylish watch! It is wearing a piece of exquisite art ever day. Thank you so much."