27 / August Kitten Beck, USA
"I ordered his/hers styles and couldn't be happier. These watches are gorgeous, rich in design, substantial w/o being too heavy."
"It is a conversation piece at every gathering"
"took a lot of discipline not to wear it to bed."
21 / July Sherri Boyce, USA
"All that I can say is WOW!"
21 / July Robin, USA
"The more I wear it, the more unique it becomes"
21 / July Carol Swetow, USA
"The customer service was outstanding."
"My husband gave me a Rolex years ago, but I prefer to wear yours."
"If there were a flood and I had to leave in a hurry, I'd grab the photos of my children and my Watchcraft."
21 / July Shawn Boom, USA
"This is truly a work of art and I love it."
21 / July Bette Purdy, USA
"It is wearing a piece of exquisite art ever day."